New 200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes (3)

200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes This is a part three.The captions are very awesome that why i divide the English quotes into several parts.

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103)Something is burning,

oops that's my cigarette.

104)Hide behind few masks,those shells will protect you, leave no sign of imperfection,so there's no one to correct you.

105)Colors are enigmatic,sheen is this monochrome.

106)Try to be brave more, 
So there's nothing you would crave for.

107)Exalt from colors to persisting grey,cut them all loose, beautiful shade will stay.

108)Let them sink,the people who hate,
Without some criticism you are never on the way.

109)When colors all leech
Grey is what you preach.

110)If I were a scent,would you sniff through the fence?

111)I would smell so decent yet so intense.

112)Are you loving the life you live or living the life you love?

113)Like a music video paused.

114Suit up,load up,hunt 'em down,
What are those soldiers with swords,
If I own the crown.

115)Are you awake while i am asleep,I am dark inside,will you still peep?

116)If it's impossible let's take chance , on the rhythm of my eyes will you dance?

117)In absolute darkness,
sleeping in the grave,
if I were an addiction,
would you desperately crave?

118)Scared of the fall , ain't scared of serene feel.
That's when you conceive , this soul has its zeal.

119)Your eyes glittering , sky's blazing. 
Shadow's persistent, you still embracing. 

120)There's no lie in this world, just truth hidden in an illusion.

121)A drug you Thrive,
makes you feel Alive.
An impala you drive 
Soul you could revive.

122)Things are similar, yet so different 
Sometimes silly could get ya , most wise can't. 

123)You wanting me bad, makes you happy or makes you sad ?

124)Sometimes colors define a perfect art
Thing if I be , you cannot order 
But always in your cart.

125)Life's filled with tricks and games,
People with bagful faces and bagful names.

126)Let em crave ,
Cause you are fearless;
You are brave.

127)Don't you shy, Life's sly.

128)Sore for sure.

129)Quit thinking about sins,you've changed since.

130)Thou search for light,its right there in thy eyes.

131)Faith is the antidote of failure.
When mixed with thought could lead to infinite intelligence.

132)Some colors could be your allies.
As BnW is hideous,time also flies.

133)When you race, them roads blaze.

134)Resembling a balsa,this ruby like palace.

135)Colorful bliss❤

136)Love it ,free to hate,
Still a benchmark , for you to rate. 
You be the jazzy fish,.me as a shark ,you I ate.

137)Misty cloud,brain screaming loud.

138)A blunt face , and the fastest race,Knowing me ,could be a haze.

139)A perfect beast you can't tame,
Someday I ll be on the wall of fame.

140)Profound , Young and sound.
Ain't losing a fight, Even if I lose a round.

141)We live we die,chasing memories we try.
Truth shall prevail but we lie
This time is just the thing we can't buy.

142)Regret ,guilt for wrongs are filth.

143)They ll at least want to try if with you they wanna fly.

144)No limits for experiences,
Sometimes fun sometimes expenses.

145)The destroyer will be the Savior.

146)Travelling in a time machine,
I have hit my past,didnt want to leave fast 

147)Is nothingness black or white ?

148)For you there's no hate,Unless you have an envying trait.

149)Compete, that's good for you. Alas,among the millions of stars you see far away,
The brightest is always the Sirius A. 

150)Thousands who loves,hundreds who hates,
Ain't dating no girl before writing my fate.

151)A bevy of the average,you stand different.
Umpteen similar,you are the only one.

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