New 200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes (4)

200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes This is a part four the captions are very awesome that why i divide the English quotes into several parts.

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152)I ll be having what you desire;

You might be a burning match, but I am a fucking wildfire.

153)Rusting in Titanic's rusting remains,
I prefer being a wild wolf.
A reign over the realm of the dead,
I prefer a commander of an open boat

154)Spread the word, I am coming for what could be mine.

155)Be a vintage classic, those vogue kids can't match you.
Be unmatchable,with that class are few.

156)All innocents ain't pure, declare yourself a bad ass and you be one always, be sure.

157)No browser can surf through your soul
We are little pieces he push, watching over us all.


159)Blacklist few things, mark few acquired.

160)Let your afternoons calm you down, let your evenings pump you up .

161)Surfing through old pictures , makes me wanna escape.

162)Let's hunt in the dark.

163)Mock me once ,I could knock you down a dozen times.

164)I ain't that dollar bill, to fit in your pocket
I am that drug dose ,taking you higher like a rocket.

165)I am that masterpiece ,need no enhancement
Search the world if you want, 
Wouldn't find a replacement.

166)Music all night ,stuff so tight
Imma drowning but instantly taking a flight. 
Melodies swinging in my head
Waking up on a sand bed .

167)A ill longer here , the sky is in rage
The mountains are huge,
Let me save an image .

168)I got no patience though
Pour it more I don't like it low
Walking around a beautiful place
Don't rush ,take it slow.

169)No honey no hoe
Either a bro or a foe.

170)There might be better in might,
Imma like a sword,flash blinding in sunlight;
So bright.

171)The only snap filter I liked
Increase your brightness I strictly advice.

172)Wear loose shirts to make em tight
If it's hurting you , you are doing it right.

173)Let's discuss beautiful faces and those pretty asses.

174)Mild are colors if black leads without a doubt,
If you are wearing it 
There's a hot girl checking you out.

175)Dim your bright light 
It's weekend night.

176)It's a great morning when you slept for 16 hours. 
Walk out and it turns out a clear sky is now drizzling showers.

177)Post good if there's no need
It's your mood ,it's your feed. 

178)Your looks will be loved or some will hate,
I hate those bitches 
Who put pussies as a bait.

179)Conquer what you fear the most.
Yourself is the scariest ghost.

180)Not perfect? 
Doesn't matter it will be.

181)If you look at me and think I look ugly,
You are looking into a mirror my friend.

182)Random Whiz.

183)I got rain in desert,Kusch from Afghan.

184)Your bullets are soft,mine goes through.
Pictures with colors,are good so few.

185)I don't need to pose always,
It's just a good face.

186)What you lost ,what you won?
I am gazing,make a run.

187)Those dopers in that heaven 
Smoking' and watching'
These sinners in this world
Lucifer is seeing you Poppin.

188)Eat food,look good
I ain't no usual dude.

189)Hey, imam gangsta hiding that bullet in thy style
Don't stare just grab a look
Wait,Turned on for a while?

190)Glow like a Super Saroyan,
Where reapers can't touch you,
And Odin could respect you. 

191)Don't sigh,it's Saturday 
Tomorrow is always gonna be better than yesterday.

192)Be a player but play fair
I am the game that turns nasty, I swear.

193)You can't catch me woman, I got wings.

194)I see those stairs that take me to heaven , I was so sober to burn it to hell.

195)The light is perfect so will be the night.

196)What's tranquil is what it's sound
You can't get me even if you have a hound.
PS: When brows reaches nose.

197)Makes you better ,let you know worse
Surrounding you are people as poems
And I already am your favorite verse.

198)Every ideal pragmatic soul!
For these nights, dark as coal
If peace is the ultimate goal
Alongside water take a stroll.

199)From dark the knight rose,
The camera winks when I pose.

200)Enigma from skin to bones,
Looking at you ♀,
Shuffling in my mind are rune stones.

201)I fail Every time I try to post a bad picture.
Sad,this failure don't make me rupture.

202)Dissolve in desperation your mind is out powering players,
Good enough thou be,Stalked by professional slayers.

203)If you are bribing,Bribe them enough for them to owe you.
That be an investment.
Cause your bro got a new camera.

204)If everything was an art and we chose rhyme
Loving all people , withering at similar time.

205)Bat looks strong,either bite your nails or follow this storm.

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