New 200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes P (1)

200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes This is a part one the captions are very awesome that why i divide the English quotes into several parts.

50+ English best Captions and Quotes:-

1.Lash down cause of lash.❤

2.A cascade in dark arcade ❤

3.Only If my eyes had the powers of THE CADUCEUS.

4.To catch up to me you shall work,
Watching you , shall I smile or shall smirk?

5.Will memories heal the void?
Is your life a Polaroid?

6.How dark is your introspection? Can you write a book?
Hatred or love ,what you mostly took?

7.Sexy me, don't you find?
Let me then change your mind.

8.Pose it like Beckham pose it like Z dad,is this picture very bad?

9.Rather travel million beaches,
Than dating filthy bitches

10.I will colorblind y'all.

11.Pose it bad,pose it good,will you be polite if I be rude?

12.When the nights are cold,and the cards unfold.

13.While you getting high on fermented grapes, I am tending to become devil's fruit.

14.Colors are transient.

15.Save your warmth winter is coming,save your soul cold people are hunting.

16.When i was younger, i was happier❤

17. Crape retract um.

18.Bribe thy world,sync thy cards.

19.I ll captivate your attention, and embrace your distraction.

20.Posing is just an individualistic perception.

21.In those dark nights, i let my colors fade.

22.Plunder a blunder when its black and white.

23.I can feel it in my bones, the heat to change clay to stones.

24.Frozen time, memories kept
These photographs are happiness theft.

25.Bright colors may fade at night,what stays is black and white.

26. Defies stay classic.

27.Somewhere between those mountains, slipping on the edges,finding a way out, just like a stream of water i was born again,taking a deep breath i added myself to the waterfall of peace.

28.I have been long away from bright light, all that's left is just black and white.

29.Watching the sky near my feet,i have discovered new grounds.

30.I don't have friends i have a battalion, and this is a vanguard.

31.If it were a painting,it would have been worth billions.

32.Shine, shine on me let my sins wash, lighten me to lightning bright, cause my soul has been darker than black!

33.Listening to my echoes i found my freedom, i found true joy.

34.On the edge, high up above.

35.Our meet every night is as constant as moon glittering in the sky.

36.Maybe we are wasting colors,
Hiding ourselves behind covers.

37.Same people same thesis.

38.Heat it up.

39.Letdowns will get you, and the critics will test you
But the strong will survive, another scar may bless you
Don't you ever stop

40.I can be the Bullet through your system!

41.I need you to be
The keys in my ignition
I need you to feed
The fire in me
Cause you're still my ammunition.

42.A lil bit of boost!

43.Been a while bats!

44.I just love this beanie.

45.Showcase your wisdom.

46.Cause we all did start tabs here .

47.Highly unrecognizable.

48.Demonic Devastation.

49.Beckham's style.

50.Yes i am alive.

51.And then you watch the sky and the river flow, because you are high enough to not say anything else.

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