New 200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes (2)

200+ English Captions and quotes for Instagram and Facebook | standard Quotes This is a part second.The captions are very awesome that why i divide the English quotes into several parts.

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52)Not every painting requires vibrant colors,
Grey could define a perfect opus.

53)Standing next to none or a few,I ll be cheered by a queue.

All are cut from same flesh , Just confidence makes my blood blue.

54)Narrow your brow, solace in a throw.

55)smoking kills.

56)If you were wondering if I am better than you ,know that even my ex is out of your reach.

57)A demonic slayer yet waiting for you.

Worshiping darkness she is breathing for you. 

58)Accumulate thy rage, beast be savage.

59)As sand radiating in a desert, Your lips be an addictive dessert.

60)If not a source ,be a reflector absolute.

Weekend's hit, let's drown in absolut.

61)Clear sky,head held high.

Thinking About captivated workers in dull relationships

I feel pity, I sigh.

62)Time's like a fall,all you can do is recall.


Start, Rock.

64)Back up, pack up , summers are hot ,so thought to stack up.

65)Let your Shadow be a trail they follow. 

Be the nicest person they met but not a trophy for them to swallow.

66)White is 7 colors ,black is none.

Why post colors when bnw is fun?

67)Some doors are not to be opened , on a hunt there might be dead already,locked down.

68)Let your fire persist as 'Amaterasu'.

69)Lock your innocence in a chest and throw it in a sea, 

That all shit will surely repell me

70)Lights out , craving for me, darling my name you shout.

71)I was chained , Today I am free 

A wolf to walk,while you are scared I am carefree.

72)i could poke you , then provoke you.

Would make it beautiful, then could choke you.

73)Come to think of it there's my prolific Vicinity , Demonic circle concealing paradise.

If there's no light , would you fall for the dark side?

74)Grill it, it's a farmhouse Noon.

Chill for now ,Monday comes soon.

75)And keep swinging wine , you can't call me 'mine'. Stand away, I made a line, But till I am high , it's pleasingly fine.

76)Shining twinkling star , see em can't reach em, They are here yet so far . Be like a star.

77)My sister is a great photographer I guess.

78)Adorable. Isn't it?

79)Confused stay weak,I won't slip at the peak. 

80)Are you staring at me when I am looking at your shoes?

81)Today,tomorrow and day after that,

You keep transforming to sparrows, while I am becoming bat

82)Let's atone for looking good,

Look better.

83)People are so lame,bored so they lay,

I always have plans to play.

I never rest,never tired,never low

When life's chill,like c4 to blow.

84)Colors. When they fall, my eyes couldn't respond to stimuli.

85)What's so bright ,burning in the dark?

I am gasoline tonight, would you be the spark?

86)Write my name with that nasty ink,

In the oceans of ecstasy, could you let it sink?

87)I should study now. 

Study you.

88)What's next when you cross the winning line?

89)Try to infiltrate my personal paradise, I will sense those vibes

I can look right through your head,even with closed eyes.

90)Happiness is a song,sadness is a poem

Sherlock is my favorite

Emotions don't breed golem.

91)To post I rest

I know nothing for tomorrow's test


93)Mind of mine -

Just bring some wine.

94)Stay cool stay fit

No emotional bonds

No disturbing shit.

95)When you are at a beautiful place,

Building up a peaceful palace.

96)The traits.

97)Cage me with a lion and I would return taming it.

98)Hit the stage,watch the crowd,and your name,let them shout.

99)If Newton's third law was philosophical, related to yin-yang.

If Batman hid in the dark

And Bruce drove a sports car 

What could be behind this hand.

100)Say my name ,say it loud.The way I like ,like you know how.❤

101)I am with you ,ahead or behind , I am seen outdoors even on the inside. You can't catch me but could watch me . What am I?

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